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I’ve totally been in “cleaning” mode for a few weeks now. I’m not talking scrub-the-toilets or vaccuming clean; I’m talking about unpacking and organizing stuff. That is one of my favorite things to do around the house. Yeah, I know, I’m a nerd (but so is Brad so it works out perfectly).
The other day I packed up the four black storage containers (you know, the fancy schmancy ones that hold flour, sugar, etc on top of the counter). None of them were being used and they took up a ton of counterspace.
Also, I decided to open and unpack the little kitchen spice kit I received, I think, for our wedding. I love using spices. I’ve always been the type to just buy it and be happy. I probably still have some spices that have followed me through college .. yikes!
I thought I wouldn’t use this package as I was opening it, but it was just so darn cute! I am trying it and it is growing like weeds on my kitchen table (that’s the best place for sunlight anywhere near my kitchen). The picture above is after only 3 days!! The picture below was after 5-6 days or so. These little guys grow fast!!!

From left to right: Basil, Thyme, and Sage (I think)

Seems like these two are growing and the other one is taking its sweet time. Oh well.
Also, my next few projects are the “junk drawers” in the kitchen (I know we all have those .. unfortunately) and the garage. Remember the original garage storage? Looks like this now:
Yeah, you can’t even walk back there. And Brad wants to buy a newer, bigger boat?! Not right now, sir.
My husband loves to fish. He isn’t to the point where it’s obsessive (and he has indicated he doesn’t want it to get to that point either). Thankfully he doesn’t have the compulsive nature of his dad who fishes every weekend the water isn’t frozen over.
He has his dad’s old boat. It’s 70’s-yellow in color and he can be the only one to drive it because you have to know how to get the motor going. It’s only 70 horsepower (I don’t have any comparison) but he is looking into getting a much more reliable boat (which isn’t saying much because even a dingy would be more reliable) and one that also is a lot newer.
No, we didn’t win the lottery last night.
No, I still have not found a job .. unfortunately.
So I’m really not sure why he wants to buy a boat .. especially right before winter when he can’t even use it. I know that is something that he wants to teach our kids to do and just for us to be able to go out on the lake with whenever we want. He has friends that fish and I have friends that have boyfriends/husbands that fish so he really enjoys having a boat. We would get good use out of it, I’m just skeptical on the price tag since I am unemployed.
I kinda-sorta feel bad that every time we have gone out fishing together, I tend to kick his ass. 😉

That little fish may not look like much to anyone, but it’s the only fish anyone caught all day. In my eyes, that makes me the winner for that morning. Haha.
Oh and that is the first fish I caught that I actually touched. I finally got over my fear of flopping fish and biting and scales cutting my hands! WOOHOO!
This fish was only about 9-inches so it wasn’t a “keeper” but I have caught keepers before. A fish is a fish is a fish, to me anyways.
When is your birthday? Mine is in February aka blizzard-season aka I-can-never-have-a-pool-party aka Thanks Mom (not). It’s not all bad to have your birthday in February because I am one of those people that hates their birthday and really tries not to celebrate it. Unfortunately for me, my husband has an impeccable memory.
Here is what my birthday usually looks like:
And here is what my husband’s usually looks like (okay a little exaggeration):

No his birthday doesn’t really look like South Beach, but it is very hot and pretty. Lucky for me, though, my husband’s birthday is in August; exactly 6 months and 1 day before mine. It’s good because it helps me to remember it and also I actually feel like getting out of the house because I won’t need to use a snow shovel to get where we are going. 😉
So when is everyone else’s birthdays? Do you like it or hate it (the season, that is)? Brad likes his birthday in the summer so he wanted to have our first baby in the summer. I totally think it’s a great idea for the pool-party reason, but his theory is that we are only having boys and that’s the perfect time to be born for Little League. He does love baseball.
It’s finally fall!! And it actually feels like it (no more 90-degree scorching hot weather). I love the fall but unfortunately the only thing I have to look forward to after the holidays is snow, snow and more snow. At least I have my pumpkins for now…
If you bake or cook at all, you know what that is I’m holding. Nope, not just any pumpkin! It’s a pie pumpkin. I bought two at Meijer for $2 a piece. I WILL successfully make pumpkin puree this year! I know what I need to do now that I didn’t last year and thankfully I learned from my mistake (and awful pie) last year. I’m so excited!
Also since it’s getting much colder out and I haven’t purchased anything “new” recently, I decided to make a trip to Old Navy for new sweaters. I found this sweater below and the black long-sleeve as well as another striped long-sleeve.

Guess how much I paid? UNDER THIRTY BUCKS! Yup! I was very excited. The two long-sleeves were around $3.20 and the sweater was $20. I’m so proud of my bargain-hunting skills I’ve developed over the years. Also, I bought a $30 sweater at Eddie Bauer. I couldn’t help myself, it was marked down from $70!!

And finally a shot of my two favorite guys in the entire world! My hubs, Brad, and our baby Cato. He really does think he is a baby .. or at least 50 pounds lighter than he really is. 83 pounds on your lap isn’t good for anyone involved.
Thursday nights in the fall and winter are huge nights for me. No, really! I get more couch-to-tv time than any other day of the week. It signifies the end of the week and only one more work day until the weekend!! That is, when I did have a job. Either way I get to spend time pretending to be a cast member of these shows and getting so emotional I cry about every third episode.
My favorite show of all time (that I could watch the reruns forever and still not get bored of it)? FRIENDS! I think they went out gracefully even though I’m sure they could have done at least one more season.
My first premiere tonight? The Office, of course! This is by far the funniest show on television. Okay, well maybe Tosh.0 is funnier, but it’s a different kind of funny. At any rate, if you haven’t started watching the office .. religiously .. then I think you aobviously aren’t from this planet! No offense, but it’s everwhere so get on board The Office train and start watching! ASAP!
Next up was Grey’s Anatomy. I know some people have a love/hate relationship with this show (especially because they always kill a main character off every season). STOP DOING THAT PEOPLE!!! Think of the show Friends. Nobody was cut off the show for leaving town, having kids, a job, etc. They just got paid $1 million per episode (each), that’s all! 😉 Well, back to this show. I love Grey’s Anatomy because it’s full of drama. I hate drama in my own life and haven’t had any in years and years (thank you Brad, my husband, for no drama lol). Since I don’t have my own drama it helps me to get a little scandal in my life through this show.
Now if you want real scandal, watch Private Practice. This show has GOT TO BE written by the writer’s of Grey’s Anatomy. If you like Grey’s, you will love Private Practice too! It’s the same type of show and the same type of drama. They really picked a great cast for this show, too. Everyone is very convincing of their characters. So much so that if I saw any of them on the street I would be tempted to give advice to them based on their characters on the show. Haha.
New shows? Outsourced!! I watched it and even though it wasn’t as funny as the office, I think I might watch for a few more episodes to see where it goes. There can only be so much comedy about a show based in India though. Okay, haha, they have accents. Okay, it’s pretty funny when they pretend to talk in the American accent. This show is based out of a call center (and the call center cafeteria). Now the office always does a good job of actually doing funny things .. not work .. and it has been a success even though 98% of the time they are in the office. If this show ends up like that, great. I can’t see it happening though. Try again NBC but thanks anways.
I thought that quitting my job two months ago would be for the best. Both Brad and myself know that I need a job soon or someone is going to go to the padded wall room (most likely me). I never in my wildest dreams thought that staying at home 24/7 was going to be awful, teeth-pulling, agonizing pain. Yup. It is. I guess this is a good test for me to see if I could be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Nope, can’t do it, sorry.
I really liked that as a kid, I would get off the bus and be home alone (of course when I was old enough) and wait for my mom to get home. I am a firm believer in “distance makes the heart grow fonder” especially since Brad and I went through a rough phase that we won’t dive into right now where we broke up and lived 2 hours apart. Obviously we got back together and we are both very grateful for that.
I don’t believe that I got to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree to sit at home and watch Veggie Tales or The Backyardigans with my toddler and clean the house. Not to be stereotypical, but what the hell else to SAHM’s do all day?! I mean, I go grocery shopping, cook dinner most nights and clean my house and I did it all (before) WHILE holding a 45-50 hour per week job!
Let’s not dive into that quite yet. Let’s wait until I do have a child and see how I feel then.
It sucks being jobless and there are so few to come by. I even have been applying for front desk reps at doctor’s offices because yes, I am that desperate. I did find out they get paid really well and I can live with that. The job is an easy, no-brainer, non-physical position that would be prefectly easy to do while being pregnant.
Remember the “BIG NEWS” I had to share? It’s not so .. anymore. No, it wasn’t the baby-making news. It was supposed to be that I got a job as an exercise physiologist at a local rehab hospital. My friend, Chrissy (that just got married), was there and quit because she is going back to OT school to get her Master’s. Lucky her! Well she said that Alyssa (the person I interviewed with and who would essentially be my boss) said she wasnted and chose ME to fill the position. I waited two long weeks and nothing. I called HR and she said they have an “internal process” they have to go through before hiring someone.
Another week goes by and I call her again because she promised to call at the end of the previous week. She gives me a different story and tells me now that there is an internal applicant (who Chrissy informs me the patients hate, he shows up late or not at all 90% of the time, and is very overly confident in an annoying kind of way). Yes, go ahead and hire him because you have absolutely no judge of character. What are they thinking even considering him!?
Anyways I tell her that I NEED TO KNOW whether or not I should be applying for other jobs and what to tell other employers if they offer me something. She said last Tuesday (like 9 days ago), “I’ll call you tomorrow to let you know.” Have I heard from her since? No. Have I left another voicemail? Yes. I really don’t want to work for them if they are going to be this irresponsible and take their sweet time doing things. Who knows how they even treat the employees that actually DO get hired.
That’s the end of my rant..
I failed to mention that this past weekend I went to the store with Evan’s mom and we got some food for lunch on Saturday. I decided that watermelon was a great side dish to hamburgers. Good side dish, yes, in portion control. I ate half of a HUGE watermelon and not even realizing it until I couldn’t eat the rest of the day because my stomach literally expanded into a huge, hard ball. When we got home, I couldn’t resist .. again .. and bought a big watermelon. I just can’t stop eating it. It’s so addicting, especially since I know that I won’t be able to eat it soon.
I really need a job to keep myself busy and out of the fridge all day.
This past weekend we went to visit some of Brad’s friends back home and all of them either just had a kid or are about to. Here is the latest baby:
His name is Evan and he is FREAKIN ADORABLE!! I actually also got to see projectile vomiting so I think if I can handle that then I am ready. 😉
Here are his brothers Omaha and Dakota:
They tend to get a little jealous but they will looooove him when he can walk and talk and play with them.
So this weekend made Brad want to start trying (even though I’m in a wedding next September). Guess what that means, kids. You guessed it… we gotta get preggers FAST. I am NOT going to be the big, fat prego lady at Angie’s wedding. =)