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This past weekend we went to visit some of Brad’s friends back home and all of them either just had a kid or are about to. Here is the latest baby:
His name is Evan and he is FREAKIN ADORABLE!! I actually also got to see projectile vomiting so I think if I can handle that then I am ready. 😉
Here are his brothers Omaha and Dakota:
They tend to get a little jealous but they will looooove him when he can walk and talk and play with them.
So this weekend made Brad want to start trying (even though I’m in a wedding next September). Guess what that means, kids. You guessed it… we gotta get preggers FAST. I am NOT going to be the big, fat prego lady at Angie’s wedding. =)
One of my dear friends got married this past weekend. She was the quintessential bride. She was so happy and really loves her man!
Chrissy and Ryan
Another one of my our good friends was in the wedding with her husband so they got to walk down the isle together after the ceremony!!
Gretchen and AJ
Brad and I at the Indianapolis Yacht Club (reception).
Me and the beautiful bride (yea she is tiny and I’m quite tall).
Someone went a little crazy with the garter!;)
Gretchen’s husband followed a trend the groomsmen were doing. They were getting so hot that they were taking off their shirts, but the yacht club obviously wouldn’t let them walk around shirtless, so they put their vests back on. You can see how classy this party was and how much we loved it just by the expressions in this photo!
Me trying to Cha Cha..
Gretchen’s twin brother dancing with the bride and he was amazing at this Michael Jackson song!!
We had fun and got a TON of wildflower seeds and daisy seeds so next year I hope to not have to buy too many plants for around the deck we will be building.
FINALLY I have something from my garden!! I also have two little jalapeno peppers that are a nice, dark green color!
Yes they are both from the same plant in my garden. Odd that one was perfect shape and color and the other well .. wasn’t. Oddly enough the one that turned out better was hanging from a tomato plant (converted into a cucumber plant) fence. The irregular one was laying flat on the ground. Good to know, though for next year.
Also, I went with my husband to his first playoff game for baseball on Sunday and guess what ..
.. I got a little burnt. I blame the weather! It was dark, chilly and overcast when we left. I actually had to go back in our house to look for a poncho because I was SURE it was going to rain soon. It was so cold the first hour that I thought I was going to have to go to Wal-Mart down the road and buy a long-sleeve shirt.
Well the sun came out for the next 3 hours and I didn’t think anything of it until some of the parents watching were all telling me how RED I was! =(
Obviously it hurts and I will have a horrible red/tan line for the cruise that we leave for in T-minus 12 days!!!
So we went to the Indiana State Fair this year. I try to go every year but it always comes at the busiest and hottest time of the year, August. Really people? Can’t you make it like early September or something? Anyways every year is an animal theme, this year is the Year of the Pig! Also the “thing” to eat was a hamburger with a whole Krispy Kreme doughnut as each of the buns. On a side note to that, I saw Paula Deen do that on her show once and Brad and I about puked. Sooo I think they stole the idea from her!! Here are some pictures of the random and disgusting food we saw there.
And one of them I just had to try (and if you do try something deep fried, DO NOT watch them make it .. trust me). I got sick all last night from nausea, fever and I was really hot. I blame the deep fried snickers!
So then we walked around and saw random things like GIANT pumpkins and gourds. That reminds me of Halloween and Thanksgiving, which is my absolute favorite time of the year!!!!!
We also ran across more food, which of course I had to try.. since I am obsessed with strawberries.
Brad tried one game and the guy sold me on it bc he said even if we didn’t win, he would give me a little stuffed dog!
Oh and did I mention that we live on the BEST side of town because the Fishers Train Station is right down the road from us and so we drove 10 minutes to the fair train and rode it downtown and back!! It was my first train ride so I had to get some pics and video.
And when we got home that little stuffed dog became Cato’s new toy of destruction. I name him Hank.
This was the highlight of my day today..
.. the stoplights were out all over town. I am not sure why because it wasn’t too hot, raining, storming, etc.
Also, my dad had heart surgery today (5 hours in the OR) and he came out pretty groggy but the doc said everything looks A-Okay! He asked if it would be okay for him to water ski this weekend. HAHA, NO. Hopefully he won’t be going into A-fib (atrial fibrillation) anymore.
I will have more fun posts coming up:
~ Getting a job/career (that is the BIG news soon to come)
~ Going to the state fair
~ Wedding this weekend!
Also, we have started having game & dinner night with a couple of my friends. This week they cooked for us and we didn’t have to lift a finger. It’s kinda like eating out but not having to tip anyone. We even got creme brulee for dessert!! YUM!! Next week we will host it and I have no idea how to top the amazing dinner we had last night!
This past Sunday my husband had a mid-day baseball game (yes, they played in that ridiculous heat) and it was near my dad’s house so I drove on down for a visit. I needed to get on the lake!
Just look at my pushing-60-years daddy!! He did great!
So the water got pretty rough since it’s a smaller lake and another boat was tubing. For those of you that don’t know, tubing requires a slower speed around 18-20 miles per hour and makes MUCH bigger waves than if you were skiing.
There were a few times I should have fallen off but didn’t let go.
Today I am paying for it dearly as I can barely walk, I cry on the stairs (well, almost), and everything literally hurts except my toes.
After tubing the lake water calmed down a bit, just enough for me to attempt to ski. First time in like 8-10 years probably.
I gave it my best shot but unfortunately I was worn out from tubing and couldn’t stand up fast enough. And I don’t have that skiing blood my dad does. I was always the odd one out. My dad, step-mom and brother all learned to successfully slolem ski. Me? I was the kneeboarder of the family. I LOVE to kneeboard! I never got off two skis and if I had it my way, would only kneeboard.
BIG NEWS coming tomorrow so don’t go far!! 😉
Here is the video of when Cato first discovered that the muddy pond at the dog park will cool him off. He got an eye infection and we haven’t been back since but plan on trying again in a few days.