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I’m usually not one to post long posts unless there is BIG news. This one takes the cake (literally, but you’ll find out in the last post about that). So here is our journey from Indianapolis to Miami and onto our home for this past week aboard the Carnival Liberty. It was my 4th Carnival (and 5th overall) cruise and my hubbys 3rd with them. It will most certainly be our last cruise with them and you’ll find out why in another post. =)
This was on our first plane when we were excited still (you know, before we spent the entire day travelling).
Here is a beautiful view of Miami right before we landed. We connected in Detroit so this was like 6-7 hours later.
A picture of us on the bus to take us to the port where our ship was docked at.
We aren’t sure what exactly this $136.50 fine is for (maybe running over people .. which it should be more for that), but I thought it was funny it was such a specific amount of money. LOL
Our first sign of Miami from the ground (we were in the front row so I got some good pics on the way).
First sign of the boat!
Good news. No work tomorrow. That’s good news for Brad but I wish I had a job to come home to. SOMEBODY PLEASE HIRE ME! HMPH.
And finally up to our room on board the ship.