When is your birthday? Mine is in February aka blizzard-season aka I-can-never-have-a-pool-party aka Thanks Mom (not). It’s not all bad to have your birthday in February because I am one of those people that hates their birthday and really tries not to celebrate it. Unfortunately for me, my husband has an impeccable memory.
Here is what my birthday usually looks like:
And here is what my husband’s usually looks like (okay a little exaggeration):

No his birthday doesn’t really look like South Beach, but it is very hot and pretty. Lucky for me, though, my husband’s birthday is in August; exactly 6 months and 1 day before mine. It’s good because it helps me to remember it and also I actually feel like getting out of the house because I won’t need to use a snow shovel to get where we are going. 😉
So when is everyone else’s birthdays? Do you like it or hate it (the season, that is)? Brad likes his birthday in the summer so he wanted to have our first baby in the summer. I totally think it’s a great idea for the pool-party reason, but his theory is that we are only having boys and that’s the perfect time to be born for Little League. He does love baseball.
It’s finally fall!! And it actually feels like it (no more 90-degree scorching hot weather). I love the fall but unfortunately the only thing I have to look forward to after the holidays is snow, snow and more snow. At least I have my pumpkins for now…
If you bake or cook at all, you know what that is I’m holding. Nope, not just any pumpkin! It’s a pie pumpkin. I bought two at Meijer for $2 a piece. I WILL successfully make pumpkin puree this year! I know what I need to do now that I didn’t last year and thankfully I learned from my mistake (and awful pie) last year. I’m so excited!
Also since it’s getting much colder out and I haven’t purchased anything “new” recently, I decided to make a trip to Old Navy for new sweaters. I found this sweater below and the black long-sleeve as well as another striped long-sleeve.

Guess how much I paid? UNDER THIRTY BUCKS! Yup! I was very excited. The two long-sleeves were around $3.20 and the sweater was $20. I’m so proud of my bargain-hunting skills I’ve developed over the years. Also, I bought a $30 sweater at Eddie Bauer. I couldn’t help myself, it was marked down from $70!!

And finally a shot of my two favorite guys in the entire world! My hubs, Brad, and our baby Cato. He really does think he is a baby .. or at least 50 pounds lighter than he really is. 83 pounds on your lap isn’t good for anyone involved.
You’ll figure out what that warning is for later. In the mean time, I would like to introduce you to days 3 and 4 of our magical (okay, not really magical, but definitely fun) cruise.
Day 3: A day at sea
Since we didn’t stop anywhere what else is there to do but lay out and burn my little pasty-white-Irish-ass off!? Haha. My husband is so tan (except he has horrible tan lines) and it’s from playing so much baseball.

The view from our spot while laying out. We also played Super Trivia, Day One today and won the first (of three) days!! Our team was Ocean’s Eleven.

And this is what Brad’s toe looked like a day after the conch incident. Gross eh!? He really should’ve gotten stitches but he powered through it.
On Day 4 we visited St. Thomas, USVI.
We went on a tour here and visited the famous 99 Steps!

We got a grand tour of the house located next to the 99 Steps and found out that the children are raised by nannies until they are 13 years old. They don’t even meet their parents or get to eat or live with them until that age. CRAZY!

This was the main (adult) house view of the water. JUST GORGEOUS! I could definitely wake up to that every day!

Here is some of the Amber that was located in the really neat Amber Museum. I bought a little Amber pendant necklace that was butterscotch colored (far left) and is about 90 million years old .. or so they told me anyways.

A chess set made from Amber.

Of course I found the cool cat roaming around. I miss having a cat around but I think Cato might eat it. Who knows.

Then we posed in front of a pirate woman. Her father wouldn’t let her be a pirate so she pulled up her hair and hid her “goods” and became a pirate. They all loved her (him?) so much that when they found out she wasn’t a man, they didn’t make her walk the plank like they normally would have.

And finally the beautiful Amber Waterfall!!! Totally manmade, but absolutely amazing!
Rub the Amber, make a wish!

I bet he is wishing for a baby boy. LOL

Carib .. tastes like Carona but better.

Bye bye St. Thomas!! We loved you!!!

On our way out of port people were feeding these seagulls. They were very bold and crazy! This guy was the guy from our dinner table, Dave!
And we had a formal night again. Brad and I got in a little tissy fight but we made up quickly. He knows how to say, “I’m sorry” really quick. HAHA just kidding .. kinda.
Thursday nights in the fall and winter are huge nights for me. No, really! I get more couch-to-tv time than any other day of the week. It signifies the end of the week and only one more work day until the weekend!! That is, when I did have a job. Either way I get to spend time pretending to be a cast member of these shows and getting so emotional I cry about every third episode.
My favorite show of all time (that I could watch the reruns forever and still not get bored of it)? FRIENDS! I think they went out gracefully even though I’m sure they could have done at least one more season.
My first premiere tonight? The Office, of course! This is by far the funniest show on television. Okay, well maybe Tosh.0 is funnier, but it’s a different kind of funny. At any rate, if you haven’t started watching the office .. religiously .. then I think you aobviously aren’t from this planet! No offense, but it’s everwhere so get on board The Office train and start watching! ASAP!
Next up was Grey’s Anatomy. I know some people have a love/hate relationship with this show (especially because they always kill a main character off every season). STOP DOING THAT PEOPLE!!! Think of the show Friends. Nobody was cut off the show for leaving town, having kids, a job, etc. They just got paid $1 million per episode (each), that’s all! 😉 Well, back to this show. I love Grey’s Anatomy because it’s full of drama. I hate drama in my own life and haven’t had any in years and years (thank you Brad, my husband, for no drama lol). Since I don’t have my own drama it helps me to get a little scandal in my life through this show.
Now if you want real scandal, watch Private Practice. This show has GOT TO BE written by the writer’s of Grey’s Anatomy. If you like Grey’s, you will love Private Practice too! It’s the same type of show and the same type of drama. They really picked a great cast for this show, too. Everyone is very convincing of their characters. So much so that if I saw any of them on the street I would be tempted to give advice to them based on their characters on the show. Haha.
New shows? Outsourced!! I watched it and even though it wasn’t as funny as the office, I think I might watch for a few more episodes to see where it goes. There can only be so much comedy about a show based in India though. Okay, haha, they have accents. Okay, it’s pretty funny when they pretend to talk in the American accent. This show is based out of a call center (and the call center cafeteria). Now the office always does a good job of actually doing funny things .. not work .. and it has been a success even though 98% of the time they are in the office. If this show ends up like that, great. I can’t see it happening though. Try again NBC but thanks anways.
When we finally left port we decided to go up top and wave Miami goodbye.
But not without a drink in our hands (mine were all non-alcoholic). I’m not much of a drinker. 😉
I think everybody on the ship wanted to be up top at this point since it was fun, there was music and great photo ops.
Bye, for now, South Beach! PS – Isn’t SB amazingly beautiful!!??
The gorgeous first sunset.
My fav .. CREME BRULEE!!!! They only had it one night. I knew I should’ve asked for seconds. Haha.
First towel animal .. seal? I sure hope so (Yes, I have a pervy mind, get over it).
Later that night they were showing Sherlock Holmes as the midnight movie on the big screen. I watched about 3/4 of it and was trying to not fall asleep the entire time. Not sure if it was the movie or the boat rocking me to sleep.
Next morning we got up early for breakfast and to explore the ship.
We didn’t arrive at the Bahamas until 11am so when we finally got there, it was already mid-day.
Some of the neat landscaping on the way into the channel where we had to dock our tender boat. A tender boat, for those non-cruisers, is a teeny tiny boat that holds maybe 80 people and brings you from the ship to the shore. This happens when the shore is too shallow or there isn’t a huge dock for the cruise ship to tie up to.
Our first and last picture at Half Moon Cay!! =(
Brad cut his foot on a conch (pronounced conk) shell in the water and we had to go to the nurses station on shore. They told us he might have to get stitches but that we needed to get back on the ship asap to visit the doc there. Luckily no stitches but he did bust it back open a few times and it’s so deep it takes a while (and a lot of blood) to stop bleeding.
This one is for you, KJ. I know how much you love when someone mis-spells something. I about died when I saw “shrimps” on the menu. Shrimp – singular and plural.
Then since there wasn’t anything left to do after visiting the infirmary (Brad was banned from all water .. even shower water .. on that toe for another 3 days) we decided it was eating time.
Then we needed some R&R on our balcony. If you cruise, I highly suggest a balcony room. Just don’t get it on the floor directly above the teen disco. It made for some unhappy, sleepless nights.
Our amazing tablemates, Amber and Dave!
I thought this was a stingray but we got that the next night. Any guesses on what animal this is?
And finally to end the second night we went to learn the Thriller Dance and it was AWESOME!!
The next two days were: A Day at Sea & St. Thomas, USVI.