Okay so this thing was the worst smelling thing I have ever smelled in my entire life. No lie. I couldn’t even keep the doors open long enough while holding my breath to figure out how to pull the shelving out to clean them. Well, my mom’s boyfriend does some construction and so he suggested overnight we leave it open.

Next day we came in and the house didn’t smell any different at all! The fridge still had a small stench but I could at least get in there and clean.

Before (click for a closeup):
After (click for closeup):
Now that is what I call elbow grease!! It took me all of 2.5 hours to do that. THAT is how you clean a fridge, my friends. I probably used a good portion of my Clorox Clean-Up bottle and half a bottle of Clorox wipes (those are fantastic for getting the in-between places).
We aren’t going to replace the few handles at the bottom (GE’s website quoted about $12.50/drawer handle) because we figure this fridge might get replaced by the end of the year so why bother. It’s only about 7 years old so I bet we could sell it to help towards the cost of a new one anyways.